welcome to my adventure

This is a personal journal: lessons from me to me, explorations of my opinions and mind. You are welcome, though I am the intended audience. Thank you for sharing in my journey with me.

I just got back from a trip where I spent a few months with an older apprentice of mine.  We talked about where things were going, and the new challenges that come with life at 50.  The conversation transitioned to generational needs on a spirit level and how they change.  There was a lot of […]

The moons Ashla and Bogan do not generate light themselves, merely reflect it. Likewise our ability to understand the duality is a reflection, or perhaps more appropriately a projection of two conditions of life: a condition of severity and a condition of luxury. When in a condition of severity, the pragmatic, the immediate and the […]

When reflecting in my quest of understanding what Force Realism can be, one of the things I prefer to draw upon is the symbolism within the lore itself, and integrating that into other symbolic systems as well. This is nothing new, if we look even cursorily at the monomyth concept. As I see it there […]

Definition of terms is not straight forward because when we try to define a thing it becomes incorrect when the truth is abstract. The Tao that can be named and all that. But still I must try. So I will take the approach that there are many definitions each representing a different aspect of the […]

Emotions are a highly refined and integrated sensory organ that is essential for survival. Because it efficiently compels us to action, the application of reason when emotions are high becomes a very unnatural act. Like martial arts, unnatural acts when properly applied can be a force multiplier in our abilities to impact the world to […]

On Facebook, Trevus Morris Nethemia asked the question: What is peace ? Can peace truly be achieved or accomplished? Let’s think about this a bit …

Chaos surrounds when overwhelmed by awareness of too many intersections. To see the rules and consequence requires some relational framework to reveal context and some value structure to reveal the meaning. Without context or meaning, then every act seems random without direction or purpose. It is possible to release these necessities and find a form […]

 “There is no Emotion, there is Peace. “ Understand your heart’s real motives, and have a better chance at making right action. Rather than denying emotion, this line tells you Emotion isn’t the issue. Emotion isn’t the problem; emotion isn’t in the way. When you think “I am just being emotional”, you evade by blaming emotion. […]

Why do you hide in ignorance? You have been quick to say you know this but do not know that. You have run to ignorance as a shelter from blame and accusation. You have pointed to it as the foundation of all misunderstandings when you needed defense. You use ignorance as a plea for clemency, […]